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Judge Brook Sessions personally conducts the mediation.  Prior taking the bench Judge Sessions litigated family law cases for over twenty five years.  He brings a wealth of experience to each mediation.  He is trained in general mediation and specialized family law mediation.  

Setting up a mediation


The best way to schedule a mediation is to call 385-208-1933 or send an e-mail to bsessions@utahlawinfo.com with a cc to opposing counsel so we can coordinate the best time.  

Why choose mediation


The court requires the parties to attempt mediation before going to court but that is not why you should go to mediation.  Mediation is a process where the parties who know their case are able to seek a resolution they agree to before going to court and having a judge impose an order on them.  

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Location for Mediations

Judge Sessions will come to either attorney's office or we can arrange to hold the mediation at a local courthouse so long a we can finish up by 5 pm or continue the mediation.  

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